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Westcountry Windings specialise in rewinding motorcycle ignition stators, alternators and generators.

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Whether the unit is received by post, courier, or delivered by hand the first thing we do is test the unit, before any work is carried out. This can often eliminate the stator/alternator as faulty. In this case a small charge is made to cover the cost of testing the unit and return postage.


Once we have diagnosed the fault, the stator passes to our workshop, where it is stripped of its wire and insulation. Each unit is degreased and vapour blasted before being reinsulated by powder coating or other means.


The stator is then re-wound with high grade copper wire by one of our skilled winders before being coated with high temperature varnish or epoxy resin.


Once fully hardened, leads are repaired or replaced as necessary and reattached. The completed unit is then returned by 1st class mail.